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Homer’s Story

Rectal Cancer



Two years ago on New Year’s Eve Homer had a routine colonoscopy done for what he thought was hemorrhoids. As he was being prepped for the procedure something just didn’t seem right. His potassium was low and his blood pressure was high. The nurses thought it was just common stress from the anticipated procedure. It took 3 days to get back the results. When he went back to see the doctor Homer started to suspect something was up because he was the last scheduled appointment of the day. The doctor sat him down in a room and proceeded to close the door behind him. The doctor said, “Homer, the biopsy results came back and its cancer.” Very calmly Homer said “Ok, what’s next?” The doctor said “I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to tell you, you have cancer”. “Yes, I understand I have cancer. I have IT, but IT doesn’t have me!” replied Homer.

Homer went to Ashland-Bellefonte Cancer Center to start his next adventure. There he went through chemo and radiation 5 times a week for 6 weeks. Surprisingly he had no complications with chemo and experienced no hair loss, no sickness or loss of appetite. He was off 6 weeks after that before having surgery in Columbus, OH at Riverside Hospital. After Homer’s surgery in May 2010, he was hospitalized for an additional 9 days due to a bowel obstruction. Homers doctor at Riverside said that his tumor had shrunk immensely from the first day he had chemo until it was removed in surgery. It seemed that the tumor had penetrated the wall and recommended that he go back for 12 more treatments of chemo just in case anything got through the wall. Homer then went back to visit ABCC for those last 12 treatments.

June 2011 the colonoscopy revealed that Homer was cancer free! He still must have a colonoscopy done every 3 years, see his doctor in Columbus annually and is at ABCC every 4 months for a follow up with Dr. Jain. It’s been 2 years now since he had cancer and has continued to go back to work at Target. Homer remained positive throughout his experiences with cancer and that is the key to beating it.