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Carla’s Story


It all started when Carla lost her mother. She didn’t feel like her normal self. Thinking she was just depressed, it turned out there was something wrong and she was seriously sick. In October 2009, she was diagnosed with Bronchitis after several visits to her family doctor. This quickly progressed into pneumonia. She went to see a lung specialist immediately. The specialist couldn’t help her anymore so he recommended additional testing where Carla had 2 lung biopsies and a throat endoscopy procedure. Over the course of that 5 month period she became extremely ill. In April 2010 Carla was immediately rushed to the ER at Kings Daughter Medical Center for feeling very ill. Shortly after, she ended up having major lung surgery in May 2010. The surgeons removed two fist sized tumors from her right lung. The Mayo Clinic confirmed that it was Non-Hodgkin’s Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Carla was treated and given a clear report.

Everything was going great, Carla started feeling better but things took an unexpected turn. One year later in October 2011 a follow up CAT scan revealed that the tumor was back. Dr. Jain stated that he thought she would be a good candidate for stem cell transplant since it came back for the second time. He sent Carla to UK Markey Cancer Center to speak with a stem cell specialist. The specialist agreed that chemotherapy would not kill every cancer cell and radiation would not be a cure either since there were micro-particles of cancer it wouldn’t remove. It would only weaken her lung capacity. “I’m thinking the stem cell would take place immediately, but it didn’t. I had several months of chemotherapy here at ABCC then trips to UK Markey Cancer Center in Lexington”, she says. Finally Carla was admitted at the UK Markey Cancer Center where she spent a month.

They first shrunk the tumor than extracted the stem cells. This was very tough for Carla. “I never want to go through this procedure ever again. It’s not really the procedure it’s the side effects”, she says. First she went through 7 days of chemotherapy. Then the stem cells were put back in on April 25 and 26 of 2012. “The nurses said that was my new birthday. Yes, I will celebrate my new birthday always because it saved my life. I Thank God first of all then I thank all my wonderful , caring, and dedicated doctors and staff who helped me through two times of cancer. It’s very important every cancer patient has support from someone. My two boys and their wives and my friend helped me through the tough times encouraging me not to give up. It makes all the difference in the world. Never give up when all hope is gone. Hang on help is on the way”, she says.

2 weeks ago Carla received a good report. “Dr. Jain is a good listener and if you listen to me I like you”, she laughs. “Dr. Hayek came to see me when I was in the hospital and I really appreciated that. The ABCC staff is so wonderful and kind. They are always there if I ever need anything.” Carla is winning the battle and will not stop fighting.