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Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy (ebX®)

Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy (ebX®) The Latest Breakthrough in Radiation Therapy, now at ABCC Patients with non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC now have the option of receiving radiation therapy utilizing the Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) System. Unlike alternative brachytherapy procedures, the Xoft System utilizes an isotope free miniature X-ray source. The X-ray source delivers high dose radiation directly to the target area. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. Surgical excision (Mohs) is the most common skin cancer treatment, but in certain patients, eBx can be an ideal alternative, with excellent (>90%) to good cosmetic results.AI013 Axxent X-ray Source B AI012 Axxent X-ray Source A

Xoft® eBx® for skin cancer provides a variety of benefits including:
• Targeted treatment resulting in good to excellent cosmetic results.
• Painless, safe, reliable, non-invasive treatment.
• No radioactive isotopes.
• Fewer visits compared with traditional external beam therapy.
• Fast treatment in as little as 6 minutes.
• Low energy allows medical personal to remain in the treatment room with the patient.
• Minimal dose to surrounding tissue.
• Low toxicity.
• No recurrence.
• Radiation oncologist supervision.
• Delivered in a standard treatment room.
Who are the Ideal Candidates for Radiation Treatment?
• Patients who are not surgical candidates for medical reasons (e.g. blood thinning medication, allergic to local anesthesia).
• Patients who are not interested in having surgery.
• Patients who require additional radiation treatment for aggressive skin cancers following surgical treatment.
• Patients with challenging anatomical locations (e.g. eyes, nose, ears, scalp)
• Patients with positive margins after surgical excision to reduce the risk of recurrence.
• Patients with busy schedules.
What should I expect?
Xoft eBx is administered under the direction of a radiation oncologist. The simple outpatient treatment regimen and prescription depend on tumor size, type, depth, patient age, prior treatment and other criteria. An individual treatment plan with custom shielding is developed for each patient. During Xoft radiation therapy:• Small surface applicator is placed on the skin where the radiation is to be delivered.
• Flexible shield can be utilized to protect the adjacent non-target tissues.
• Miniature X-ray source is then placed in the applicator to deliver radiation.
• Radiation is delivered while the medical personnel remain in the treatment room with the patient.
• X-ray source is turned off at the completion of the treatment.
• All devices are removed and the patient is able to return to normal daily activities.