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Barbara’s Story




Barbara has had a long battle with multiple medical problems going back to when she was just a kid. In the 1940’s she grew up in a mining camp where they had no doctors, only mid-wives. Top notch health care was hard to get and answers were hard to find. Hoping to improve her life and health her grandmother brought her to Ashland in 1942, when she was just 2 years old. Being cared for and raised by her grandparents, they later found out that she had Anemia. This had started her long exhausting journey.

“Cancer runs in my family”, she says. It has affected numerous important family figures in her life including her mother, grandmother and step-father. A couple years ago, Barbara’s husband passed away 3 months after being diagnosed with Melanoma cancer. A doctor once told Barbara that she should never have kids because the anemia gene could be passed down to them. She has raised 5 healthy children and only 1 started showing mild signs at age 53. This is truly a blessing.

“I’ve known Dr. Jain since the 1980’s, when he first came to the area”, she says. In 2002 Barbara was diagnosed with Lupus from a fellow Rheumatologist. Most recently in March 2012 Dr. Jain diagnosed her with CAML cancer. There is no cure for this type of cancer but the doctors and staff at ABCC were determined to slow the progression down. She said to him “I’ll be 72 years old in July I don’t want to go through chemo!” He explored other alternative treatments for her and she’s currently doing very well.

“I think ABCC is one of the finest cancer centers in the state of KY, with the most experienced, respectful doctors. Dr. Jain is not only your doctor, he is your friend and that really makes a difference. When I originally found out the bad news, it was a hard blow to me at first. You can’t let your spirit dwell on the negative things in life. Life is so precious and it’s all about your attitude and how you decide to keep moving forward. Cancer runs in my family so I would have no doubt in my mind to tell them to go see the doctors at ABCC”, she says.

Barbara is a fighter not only for herself but for her family.